My Addiction by Cassie Ryan


Adult – ★★★☆ – GoodreadsAmazoniBooksB&N

I only read part of the description of this one before going into it blindly. This book was definitely one of those where the chemistry between characters trumps everything, but you also get a pretty good story! This is another ARC that I received and this is also another one I liked!

This book in one sentence: In three words this book was sweet, spicy, and surprising. Continue reading

Off Season by R. Holmes

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Adult –  ★★★☆ – GoodreadsAmazon

I was sent this by the lovely R. Holmes herself and i didn’t know what it was about before I went into it! I started this one, just wanting to take a peak at it, and I soon realized that it would be a quick one and I got pretty sucked in. I didn’t put it down and boy was this one fun!

This book in one sentence: A super quick, sizzling read that left me wanting more! Continue reading

Cupcake – Red Velvet – ★★★

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I’ve come to the conclusion that all Cupcake wines must be dry. I’m being dramatic because I’m not sure if all of their wines are dry, but all of the ones that I’ve tried have been dry! I’m not entirely a fan of dry wines but while this one wasn’t my cup of tea, it wasn’t bad. It was actually very smooth and I actually didn’t mind it at all! I don’t know what I was expecting but I think this one was more of a medium dry than a super dry.

On the back of it, they suggest that this would go good with a steak or a burger, and I actually feel that it would! I drank it randomly without anything just to taste it but I’ll have to try it with dinner for sure! I have this feeling that this one is going to grow on me! 3 stars because I didn’t dislike it!