My Addiction by Cassie Ryan


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I only read part of the description of this one before going into it blindly. This book was definitely one of those where the chemistry between characters trumps everything, but you also get a pretty good story! This is another ARC that I received and this is also another one I liked!

This book in one sentence: In three words this book was sweet, spicy, and surprising. Continue reading

October 25th: New Releases

Part of me is sad that October is almost over while apart of me is slightly relieved. There were so many books I’ve had to read this month and it still isn’t over! So many new books have been released and there are many of us who are saying that authors need to slow down because we can’t keep up 😉! With that said, there are some that are live today that I’m excited for! Continue reading

A Love Letter To Whiskey by Kandi Steiner (New Fave!)


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This book. This book!! There are so many reasons as to why this book is on my favorites list and why Kandi Steiner is now one my favorite authors and I don’t even know where to begin!! And on top of that I’m going to get to meet Kandi in February? I. Am. Speechless

This book in one sentence: This book is the epitome of books I need in my life because it is absolutely perfect! Continue reading

Down Shift by K. Bromberg


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I hadn’t read anything by K. Bromberg before this but I still got lucky with getting my hands on this one! After reading this, I promptly went and bought three more books from Bromberg (knowing very well that my TBR is already 7 miles) because I couldn’t stop myself!

This book in one sentence: A story of two broken hearts that fit together perfectly that I’d read again any day! Continue reading

October 4th: New Releases

OCTOBER!!! Where have you been! I’ve only said this on every social media site, but I am in love with the month of October! And here in Texas, the weather seems to be cooperating and it’s decently chilly at times! I mean, I honestly couldn’t ask for more!! This month is starting off great with some new releases I’ve enjoyed and others I’m excited for! Continue reading

Off Season by R. Holmes

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Adult –  ★★★☆ – GoodreadsAmazon

I was sent this by the lovely R. Holmes herself and i didn’t know what it was about before I went into it! I started this one, just wanting to take a peak at it, and I soon realized that it would be a quick one and I got pretty sucked in. I didn’t put it down and boy was this one fun!

This book in one sentence: A super quick, sizzling read that left me wanting more! Continue reading

October Giveaway!


The winners of the september giveaway have been chosen! One has responded and I’m still waiting on one more response so be sure to check your emails! In other news, cheers to October!! I found a few favorite books in September and I’m hoping to find some more this month!

This months giveaway will consist of three winners this time! Again it is for those following this blog and another social media site of mine (including  Facebook PageTumblr, or Instagram). This time around each winner is going to win an ebook copy of a book I really enjoyed this month! And in celebration of hitting 400 followers on Instagram, I’m going to add another winner in there and this winner will receive a $10 Amazon gift card!

This is my favorite month so I’m hoping this one goes well! Other than all this, I’m off to read!