His by Aubrey Dark

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Adult – ★★★ – Goodreads – Amazon

So this book was definitely a bit darker. It had an interesting story and I stayed pretty interested throughout the entire book.

This book in one sentence: Don’t follow people you don’t know around, because they could easily be crazy.

Did I like this one?


This one was definitely much, much darker than the things I usually read. And that’s slightly an understatement. Moral of this story was definitely do not go following people you’re curious about. They may be crazy. They may become crazy about you and actually fall in love with you. Or they may kill you.

Okay, so when I started this book, it started out very creepy like. Our main guy, Gav, talked about his favorite parts when choosing a victim. He mentions that he’s pretty much a killer and he is “sanest” when he is killing. And we also learn that our main girl, Kat, is “boring”. To me, Gav was definitely more interesting to me than Kat was, but then again, killers are interesting to me. The way this story unfolds is interesting and it’s hard to talk about this book without really talking about this book.

I even expected this one to be darker than it was I’m not mad it wasn’t that dark, I am slightly mad about it. *SPOILER* I just feel like this guy, who pretty much dedicate his existence to killing people who were assholes, stopped killing and changed completely because he fell in love. That’s pretty much it. That’s pretty much the story.


I mean, I’m not mad. The story was definitely fast paced, and kept me super interested but interesting is the best word to use for this one.

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