My Fake Fiancé by Helen Cooper

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Okay, so let’s go.
This book in one sentence: Okay, this is generic….wait…wait….Ohkay.

So I’m digging Helen Cooper’s style. From what I can tell, she releases a prequel novella that gets you super interested and then dishes out the sequel novel (that will probably be super good).

About this book
I started reading this book, the main character, Mila, almost immediately annoyed me. She literally talks for seven pages straight about the guy she’s in love with who so happens to be her brother’s best friend. She’s like:

“Omg, He’s so hot, but he thinks of me as a little sister, but he’s so hot, but he’s such a dick! But omg he’s so hot! Did I mention how fucking hot he is?”

Not verbatim, but I mean it’s pretty damn close. I thought this was the start of a really bad YA novel and I remember saying to my husband, “I’m so not down for this.” But I still kept reading and I’m glad I did. I related to Mila, especially her lack of self control when it comes to pretty things. After she was done going on and on about how hot her secret crush was, she actually became a pretty decent character that I actually liked alot!

I started reading this book, for the story after a while and I was so excited to see how everything would play out and then the povs switched. It changed to the romantic interest’s pov and boy

I really wanted to see how everything played out! I feel like there’s going to be some twists and I’m actually stoked!! This one is going to be good and this is one book that I’m super excited for (if it could only be published fast enough!!!)

Is is worth a read?
Yes! This will have you wanting more! (If interested, pls read review for Four Week Fiancé)

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