Review Policy

At the moment, I am not currently accepting books for review.

When I accepting the deets are below!:

To make it fair to everyone, I will only accept those that I would pick up normally. If the synopsis doesn’t sound like something I would grab onto, I cannot accept an ARC to review it. The best and easiest way to contact me would be from the link in the main menu bar!

The genres I accept goes as follows:

  • New Adult Romance
  • Adult/Contemporary Romance
  • Erotica
  • LGBTQ Romance
  • Occasionally YA and Paranormal Romance


  • Format: ebooks are easiest for a lot of authors and they are also easiest for me!
  • Time Frame For Reading: Depending on when I receive the book as well as what is already on my lineup plays a factor. Life factors also play roles, but I read fairly quickly and a review the day before or day of is just about guaranteed.
  • Where Reviews Are Posted: Reviews will always be posted on this blog, Goodreads, Tumblr, and I’m working on posting them to Amazon as well!
  • Rating System: The explanations of the ratings are pretty simple:

    ★★★★★ = Absolutely wonderful! Definitely worth reading and I would read and buy again!
    ★★★★ = Pretty good! I liked this one more than I didn’t! Worth reading but there was something.
    ★★★ = Good book! Nothing substantial, but nothing terrible!
    ★★ = This one wasn’t the best, nor even good, but there was something I liked about it!
    ★ = This book is not something I’d recommend.
    ☆ = I use a half marker when a book is somewhere in between one of these ratings.

  • Book Tours: Are awesome and I’d be more excited to partake if the details work!
  • Giveaways: Same as for book tours!