Checkmate: This is Dangerous by Kennedy Fox

checkmate_6_This is Dangerous

★★★★☆/A – Goodreads – Amazon – iBooks B&N

Checkmate Duet Series: Book #5

Adult Contemporary Romance; Second Chance Romance

This book! This book! THIS BOOK!! This book was cute! Sexy! Sweet! And everything else amazeballs!! From the writing to the story to the characters to the love, this is yet another book that proves Kennedy Fox is an unstoppable duo!

This book in one sentence: I will forever equate donuts to Kennedy Fox and I’m not even mad about it! 🍩

Where to begin with this book! I knew from the cover reveal that this one was going to another book of KF that I HAD TO HAVE and that was right for so many reasons!! I was expecting to be shocked in the end and I was expecting at least a bit of heartbreak, but even though I was expecting it, I STILL WASN’T READY!!


I as really fascinated with Kayla and Logan! I thought they were an interesting pair and from the jump I was excited for things between them to start happening!! Their relationship started off a bit slow, but it didn’t take long to pick up! And when it picked up, it PICKED UP. The chemistry between them was absolute fire and they just needed to happen!!! Both characters alone were enthralling and I really liked them by themselves! I think they were incredibly interesting and had their own lives going on but together they were INCREDIBLE! The story was perfect and how their relationship progressed was everything!! This was probably my favorite second change romance that I’ve read so far!!

Kennedy Fox leaves us hanging in this one, again with our mouths dropped and best believe that I am probably going to lose my mind until I get my hands on the second part of this duet!! This one was probably my favorite of all the ones I’ve read (And I can finally say that I have all the books sitting pretty on my shelf!! Insert hearteyes here!)

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