Hi! My name is Kia and I’m running this little blog about books and wine that I call the Romance Experience. I’m obsessed with wine and I’ve found myself in love with love and I’ve come to the conclusion that I should share the things I experience. I like both my reads and my wines sweet, but I’m also not opposed to different. I like the books that shake things up and linger in my mind way after I’ve finished them! I’m even more in love with the books that help me see things differently! I like to read books, and drink wines, that are not only good, but ones that are an experience. So, my goal is to find those books that completely shake my world!

Below you’ll find links to book reviews, wine reviews, and updates as I go along!

If you’ve somehow found my blog, hey! Let’s be friends! If I sent you here (insert purple devil emoji here) “Heeeey!”