Roomies by Lindy Zart

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This one was good. Some LOL moments, but overall, just okay.
This book in one sentence: Don’t room with someone you really want to f***.

This book was okay! It wasn’t fantastic but it definitely didn’t suck! There were moments when I laughed out loud and there were moments when I was rolling my eyes so hard it hurt. The reason it didn’t get a higher rating from me because after a while it started to drag on. It’s cute at first but reading a story where two people feel something for each other and just don’t express it will kill me after a while.

The characters were all interesting, but you definitely don’t see a deeper side to them until the book is almost over. Kennedy is our protagonist and while at sometimes she was hilarious, other times she was annoying. She will be a dumb blonde one moment and then the next give someone a deep analysis of themselves. She also calls her only female friend a slut and it was hard for me to tell when she was joking. It’s like she was friends with her, but was so often criticizing her.

…She winks at me. “Details!” Then she sways her hips from side to side as she makes her way past Graham. Harlot.

That is definitely out of context, but it always seemed as if she was more than half serious about the names she called her friend. Anyway, the “hotties” of this book are Graham and Blake. Graham is the hot roommate who seems as if he can do no wrong, and Blake is the misunderstood brother who’s had a troubled past. They are almost complete opposites and it takes the entire book for them to realize that they aren’t so different after all. No surprise there.

Overall, I feel like this is almos mediocre. I feel like the author could have made this book incredible especially given the history she have the brothers, and the potential was there but it fell below the exceptional line. This book took me more than half a month to read and I’ve had plenty of time I just wasn’t ever excited to pick it up again. Harsh, but eh.

Should you give it a read?
If you’re into fluff but older kids, then sure! You might love this!

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