Checkmate: This is Beautiful by Kennedy Fox

checkmate_7_This is Beautiful★★★★★/A+ – Goodreads – Amazon – iBooksB&N

Adult Contemporary Romance; Second Chance Romance

My oh my! Kennedy Fox has yet again given us an amazing book! The ending of This is Dangerous had me pulling my hair out a bit, but this one sure did make up for that! Even though the series is over, it will stay with me for a while!!

This book in one sentence: This books couldn’t have been a better ending to the series!

I almost don’t even know where to start with Logan and Kayla, but at the same time I do. Out of all of the couples, Kayla and Logan were my favorite for almost too many reasons to count! I loved loved this is Dangerous and this one was the ending to their story that I needed! My heart was broken and mended so many times while reading this and I can’t count the times I smiled, laughed, and just got lost while reading. This one was no different than the others and I just wanted to keep reading and never stop! I remember bitching  most of the times I had to put it down because I just kept wanting to know more!

This book gave me all the feels and chills and I’m so bitter I’m finished with it! Following all the couples has been a blast and I know I will reread this series again sometime because I want to love it all over again! In the mean time, I’ll be waiting for their next series!!


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