Off Season by R. Holmes

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Adult –  ★★★☆ – GoodreadsAmazon

I was sent this by the lovely R. Holmes herself and i didn’t know what it was about before I went into it! I started this one, just wanting to take a peak at it, and I soon realized that it would be a quick one and I got pretty sucked in. I didn’t put it down and boy was this one fun!

This book in one sentence: A super quick, sizzling read that left me wanting more!

Off Season was a quick, spicy read so this review is going to follow suit! We were introduced to two very interesting characters that had an equally interesting story. Caston, an arrogant baseball player, doesn’t really know what he’s getting himself into when he meets Eryn. Caston calls her spitfire and she definitely lives up to the name with her atitude and sass. Ultimately, the chemistry between them was wild! It was interesting and fun to see how things played out this one is perfect if you want a novella to grab your attention for a little while!

I have not read Scorched by this lovely author yet, but I will be sure to pick that one up sooner than later!

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