Monthly Giveaways

My goal is to find new books and share what I find! Every month I want to give out a copy of a book I read during the month that I immensely enjoyed as well as amazon gift cards so people can find books (or other things 😜) they enjoy themselves! I’m entirely about sharing the gift of reading and it’s also a thank you for putting up with me and my ramblings about wines

As of right now, there will be a winner on this blog every month and there will also be giveaways on my other social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr) so that everyone who follows this little project has a chance to win something because what’s better than free books? (Free food that is!)



September 2016 – 1st -$25 Amazon giftcard, 2nd – Choice of an ebook

October 2016 – 3 Ebook winners, $10 Amazon Gift Card