The Unrequited by Saffron A. Kent

The Unrequited Ebook Cover★★★★★/A+++ – Goodreads – Amazon 

Adult Contemporary Romance; Student/Teacher Romance

It took one teaser for this book to catch my eye! When I found out that this book was a student/teacher romance I was all in! When I started reading it I started enjoying it and it wasn’t easy to set it down at times! There are so many reasons I enjoyed this book and I don’t even know where to begin!

This book in one sentence: A Student/Teacher romance that is easily in the top three of ever!

I mean, I’ve never been one to actively seek out student teacher romances, but I’m also never one to turn them down. I found this book and Saffron Kent on a whim but oh man, how I wasn’t ready.

This one is so different than any other student teacher romance because this one made me FEEL so hard! I felt the love, the hate, the hurt, and the carving! Everything! Both Layla and Thomas were such incredible characters I lost myself in them! I lost myself so hard in this story, there were times people couldn’t get my attention. Once I thought there was a moment I could breath again, I lost my breath and I enjoyed every second of it.

Over all, I loved love LOVED Layla and Thomas because to me they were real. They were frustrating and annoying and funny and honest and their story was so beautifully told! I don’t know what I was expecting this one to go, but where it went was absolutely perfect. There were moments that were F’ed up and there were moments that melted my heart. There were even more moments that were too sexy to handle! And the writing? That’s its own subject.

The writing of this book was something entirely of its own. Saffron put a lot of her own personality into this book and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that may have been why I liked it so much. The writing was funny, sassy, and at so many more times too beautiful to deal with!! This book was full of amazing quotes and words strung together perfectly,  and one quote hit me hardest was:

Bravery is not the absence of fear, but the courage to do something despite it-taking that first step despite the danger of falling, creating a piece of art knowing that people might not appreciate it. Bravery is like falling in love. You don’t know if the person will reciprocate, but still you fall.

With this one,  Saffron hit a home run and boy, how I’ll remember this one!!


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