My Addiction by Cassie Ryan


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I only read part of the description of this one before going into it blindly. This book was definitely one of those where the chemistry between characters trumps everything, but you also get a pretty good story! This is another ARC that I received and this is also another one I liked!

This book in one sentence: In three words this book was sweet, spicy, and surprising.

This book was definitely something! This book is technically the second one in the Club Desire series, but it is also a standalone. Kate finds a sense of refuge in L.A.’s elite BDSM dungeon scene as a hot new thing to politicians and Hollywood A-listers. She eventually finds herself bored of the men who are becoming common to her but when a new and different Dom comes around, she rises an eyebrow and her interest is piqued. Dex, although a FBI agent, fits right in at these popular L. A. clubs. He’s on an assignment, but his desire is awakened when he meets Kate as he figures she could possibly be someone he could love. Things take a more interesting turn as Kate becomes a target of a bigger enemy and Dex decides to take her to his Phoenix home. With that we get a mystery and a love story.

The characters in this one were probably my favorite part. Kate had spark in her attitude and wasn’t willing to let herself get ran over. She was smart and often head strong and was paving the way for her own life even though her father wasn’t rooting for her. Dex was also a smart and interesting character. One of the most notable things about him is that he finds what happens at the club Kate often goes to unacceptable and is against the way some are doing things. He makes sure to care for Kate and mutual consent was always a big thing for him. There was an instant and undeniable chemistry between the two and it started smoothly but intensely. And check out that interracial goodness on that cover!

This story wasn’t incredibly suspenseful so you aren’t sitting there trying to guess throughout the whole thing. This book is definitely more of an erotic romance and less of a mystery book. Between the characters and the story, their connection was what helped the story along so nicely. There were some parts that didn’t completely wow me, but for the most part everything was dandy! This story was incredibly easy to read and was very well written! This one also wasn’t emotionally draining. It is also more than evident that Cassie Ryan did an incredible amount of research. She showed multiple times what were the right ways and what were the wrong ways of doing things within the BDSM community. It’s always great when readers get to see in a book, and with this one we also get good chemistry between characters within an interesting story!

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