My name is Kia and I am now in love with love stories! This is a project I’ve started to branch out of my comfort zone I’ve settled into so deeply. I’m by nature a horror/mystery/thriller fan and I have been for a very long time. I’ve ran the tumblr blog iprefertoread for some years now and I’ve made it known that I like what I like! One thing many people have asked for over time is romance recommendations and over time I’ve had nothing to give!

I use to not like romance at all and I now know it’s because I was reading the wrong type of romances. With this project, I’m setting out to find stories that captivate me and leave me in awe, while also filling me with butterflies. I’ve found a good handful so far but there are so many more to discover!

More about me:

I’m a graduate student working on my MA in counseling and one of my main focuses is to be a couple’s counselor, go figure. I’m a super psych nerd and am definitely in love with all things psychology and counseling! Now that you know psychology is my thing, the next question might be: Are you always analyzing?


I love to analyze anything and everything. Especially when it comes to my reads (insert purple devil emoji here)! I love reading healthy romance books and I also enjoy reading unhealthy ones too because I think it’s important to notice both. There are some books that I’ve read entirely just to enjoy them and then there are others that I read that I realized were actually very important to read! I love a good story with good characters and good everything else, but I also love books that will teach a lesson or two.

On this blog, you’re going to find a handful of things I’ve loved and things I don’t know how I could have lived without reading it (or drinking it), and you will also find a handful of things that I don’t think are that great. To keep myself sane and this all positive and fun, I will rarely talk about things I completely disliked. I find that staying positive and laughing more than anything keeps me happy so that’s what I do.

How I want to do this blog is to get the most out of everything that I want to read! There are a ton of authors that I love and a ton of authors that I will love that I haven’t found out about. My goal for this blog is to be different by not only constantly showcasing the wines I  find, but also looking at characters, stories, and authors a different way. i feel that every character, story, and book was written for a reason and I want to find that reason as well as find the bigger picture.

This project will involve reading books already out, reading new books, as well as a few ARCs here and there. I’ve transferred older review from other places to this blog as well, but the newer reviews will have elements of this new direction I’m taking. This whole thing is all in good fun and that will always be the goal!