New Preorder: I Am Lioness by Dee Garcia

One of the books I’m anticipating the most just went up for preorder!! I’ve seen snippets and teasers for a while now and it’s safe to say I am more than excited!


I Am Lioness by Dee Garcia – Release Date: December 10th – Genre: Contemporary/Sport Romance


With pain comes strength.

My name is Hazel Perry. You, however, can call me Lioness.

I live and breathe MMA -24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

That ring is mine. I’m the Queen. 

Fierce, untouchable, and undefeated.

I’ve been asked how I willing subject myself to such an intense, brutal career. 

My answer… Because it feels good. 

The rush, the high, how all other pain in your life numbs away into nothing.

It’s made me stronger. Every single stitch of pain I’ve experienced -both physically and emotionally- has made me stronger.

I’ve learned to protect myself. I don’t trust easily and I never allow others to get too close.

Until Knox Carr.

He turned my world right side up and showed me how to feel again. 

How to live again.

How to love again.

Through bouts of separation and trials along the way, will we make it out alive?

Preorder Links:

US – Click Here

UK – Click Here

AU – Click Here

CA- Click Here

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