Down Shift by K. Bromberg


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I hadn’t read anything by K. Bromberg before this but I still got lucky with getting my hands on this one! After reading this, I promptly went and bought three more books from Bromberg (knowing very well that my TBR is already 7 miles) because I couldn’t stop myself!

This book in one sentence: A story of two broken hearts that fit together perfectly that I’d read again any day!

I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting going into this one! I saw this one around a lot on Instagram and such and rest assure, I definitely finished this one as fast as I could read it! Life has been very busy for me lately and every time I’m turning around there’s so much to do and then even more to do! With that said, I read this one as often as I could and every single time I picked it up I got lost in the story! There’s just this trance that Bromberg put me in with this one and there’s so many reasons why!

The characters were my favorite part! I loved them both so much and they were both so interestingly unique. Both Zander and Getty had a past and their pasts have shaped them into who they were. By chance, they both end up staying at a mutual friend’s guest house and neither of them are all too happy about being stuck together at first. Neither of them expect it but as time went on, walls came down for both of them and their chemistry was undeniable. Both of them were fighting their own demons but after a while, they stop fighting each other and came together in ways they never imagined!

Because I enjoyed the characters so much, I enjoyed the story immensely!! It was very smooth and steady and overall completely enjoyable! I like for my stories to develop slowly and to fall in love everything as it unravels and this story did just that! I was hooked from the jump and as I kept reading I only wanted more. Everything came full circle and eventually I wasn’t able to read fast enough!! This story was definitely an emotional rollercoaster and also a whirlwind. It was incredibly steamy, swoon worthy, and hearteye inducing!

Many people have said that Zander is a loved character within the Driven series and this book has obviously made me want to start this series from the beginning! With that said, this book is a complete standalone and is a great start for me into this series! This is definitely one people should pick up!

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