Womanizer by Katy Evans

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There is no such thing as a ‘good’ Katy Evan’s book!  All the books i’ve read from her are either incredible or sensational and there’s still more that I have to read! I can’t even begin to explain how swoon-worthy this masterpiece is and this one is definitely another favorite of mine!

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Cover Reveal – Womanizer by Katy Evans

I’m not the biggest cover reveal girl as of now, unless it’s something like this. 

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Oh my god. I’m like sweating. I can’t.

Womanizer (Manwhore #4) – Release Date: December 5th – Genre: Contemporary Romance


You’ve seen the headlines: Womanizing billionaire player! Watch out! Stay away!
We were just two strangers. Facing a forbidden attraction, a chemical connection. Neither of us expected or wanted it to amount to more. But I had never been drawn to a guy the way I was drawn to this one: my brother’s best friend, and CEO of the company where I interned.
Even knowing I should stay away, I proved to be too human, after all. The chemistry was amazing. The laughs were incredible. I opened up to him in more ways than I’d opened up to anyone before. But sex was as far as I’d go. Just sex because he was too irresistible. Just sex because I wouldn’t be falling for him. Just sex because I’d leave in three months, and I’d like for my brother not to kill me, and for nobody to find out he was my wicked little secret. He wasn’t the One. He was just a womanizer. But for a time, he would be mine.

Omg yeeeess

I’ve read both Manwhore and Manwhore +1 by Katy Evans and those two are on my favorites list and I’m still swooning about them! Ladies Man is still sitting on my shelf, waiting for me to read it, but I haven’t read it yet because I don’t want to! I want to save it until I’m ready because I have a pretty strong idea that it will make my heart explode. But of course, I’ll be sure to let you know 😉

Llano – Blush – ★

ladies man wine edit

So, this one is actually one of the first wines I’ve bought in a while that I didn’t like. I was actually very hopeful for this one but it turned out to be something that reminded me of White Zinfandel and for some reason I HATE White Zinfandel! It was just incredibly bitter and there were so many different tastes going on.

In between pouring it out, I kept taking sips because maybe it would grow on me. Every sip I took, I felt like it was getting worse and I couldn’t do it. It’s an incredibly cute wine, and maybe in the future I’ll try it again! But as for now, it’s a no go.

I love love love this picture I took though!

Manwhore +1 by Katy Evans

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I really really liked the first book. But I REALLY liked this one too! There was not one thing that I didn’t like about this book. I read it slow becuase I didn’t want it to end!

This book in one sentence: Literally an instance of when you think the second book couldn’t be better than the first but then you’re wrong.

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Manwhore by Katy Evans

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This book. I didn’t know I was looking for this until I found it. I really loved loved The Boss by Abigail Barnette and this book, although completely different, gave my heart the same feelings!

This book in one sentence: A nice mash of intense mutual attraction, attempts at avoiding temptations, and a few omitted (lies) here and there.

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