Mr. President by Katy Evans

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I mean, if you don’t know by now, I think that everything Katy Evans writes is gold. This book is even more proof of that belief!

This book in one sentence: I am beyond in love with this sexy, fun, and oh so swoon-worthy read!

I’m still in shock that I got to receive an ARC of this one because holy smokes I wasn’t ready! When I first got wind of this book, an eyebrow raised about it only because of the political aspect. However, that was quickly set aside when I remember that Katy Evans wrote this, I mean come on, she hasn’t disappointed me yet! So of course I started reading with an open mind and boy was this something!


This is one of those stories that you just have to pick up and read! The chemistry between our main characters Matt and Charlotte is incredible fire that’s off the charts and the “complicated” aspect of this makes it even more heart stopping. Matt is a strong, smart, and captivating man who has an obvious love for his family, people in general, and his country! You get to see his character show through his actions and the love that he developed for charlotte was undeniable. Charlotte was incredibly sweet and caring, and watching the relationship between her and Matt develop was incredibly fun and lighthearted. She helped him become an even better man and it was heartwarming to watch!


The progression of the story was incredibly smooth and it slowly stole me away. It gripped my attention from the start and at no point did it let go. For a while they tried not to acknowledge the feelings they had for each other, but of course that avoidance didn’t last forever and they finally gave in (and boy when they did)! This story was told slightly different from the way I remember Manwhore and I actually loved it just as much!

I was, but I really wasn’t ready for what this one brought and to date, this is one of my favorite books, alongside every other book that I’ve read by Katy Evans. This one was entirely too much fun to read and I CANNOT wait for the next one because this one did end on a cliffhanger! These characters are phenomenal and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them next!

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