Commander in Chief by Katy Evans


★★★★★/A+ – Goodreads – Amazon – iBooksB&N

White House series: Book #2

Adult Contemporary Romance; Political Romance

Was I waiting for this one? Yes, and impatiently so. Did i squeal when it hit my kindle? Yes! Was this everything i thought it would be? Absolutely!

This book in one sentence: Without a doubt, this is the perfect second part in this bomb story!

I started this book just about as soon as I got it! The story started where the first one  left off and it was like the story never even stopped. The way the first one ended had my heart was hurting more than I was expecting it to. With that said the first booked irked my heart in a way that created this strong need for this second one so man, was I ready!

In Mr. President we learned that Charlotte and Matt met when they were young and the chemistry between them as adults was off the charts. The progression of their relationship was smooth, fun, and captivating and it was hard not to fall in love with them as they fell in love! It was sort of a forbidden romance that captured my attention from the jump and was easily one of my favorite books!

This one was just as good and I fell in love with them once again! This one kept me just as hooked as the first one did, if not even more, and I was rooting for them the entire time. Their relationship was different this time around but it was just as intriguing! The fire between them was so incredible, there were times I had to pause because it almost knocked me out. I was like this  more often than not:


There was so much love in this one it radiated off the pages! Great characters, great story, with the perfect amount of fire and the perfect amount of angst! Both Mr.President and Commander in Chief are political romances, but they are so much more than that! These books are two of my favorites and they are ones I will reread to fall in love with their story all over again! I don’t know how every book I’ve read by Katy Evans is a favorite but again, she’s knocked it out of the part with this one!

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