Manwhore by Katy Evans

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Adult – ★★★★☆ – Goodreads – AmazonB&NiBooks

This book. I didn’t know I was looking for this until I found it. I really loved loved The Boss by Abigail Barnette and this book, although completely different, gave my heart the same feelings!

This book in one sentence: A nice mash of intense mutual attraction, attempts at avoiding temptations, and a few omitted (lies) here and there.

I actually had the pleasure of getting to meet Katy Evans and she is literally the sweetest person!! I can’t even begin and since meeting her, I’ve loved this even more!


Our main character, Rachel, and she is an independent, go-getter who is sassy and funny. She is assigned the challenge of getting to know the mysterious, notorious, and legendary Malcolm Saint who is a big name entrepreneur in Chicago. She didn’t expect her planned exposé to be smooth sailing, but she really didn’t expect what followed after meeting him.

There are aspects of this book that kept me hooked and the writing was definitely one of them. It was so smooth, fast, and fun, and there were so many times I couldn’t stop laughing. The things that Rachel and her friends say that are similar to me and what I say. So similar it hurts! But I feel more importantly, I am literally Gina, one of Rachel’s best friend. It’s not even funny.

“He’s really dicking you out, isn’t he?” Gina says.

“That BITCH!” Gina yells.
“She’s doing what she has to. She wants to succeed, like me.”
“She can suck my dick!” Gina yells.”

The relationship between Rachel and her friends is what makes me like this story so much because it makes this story come alive to me. All the relationships are reasons I liked this one so much. Especially the relationship between Rachel and Malcolm. How to describe it? See Gif below.


Just about everything in this book was fire and almost every scene between Rachel and Malcolm left me with heart eyes. And of course this book ended with a cliffhanger from hell. I will be reading the second book soon, because I need to know what happens next!

There’s never a right time for you to fall. It’s why they call it falling. It’s an accident. In one second. Just pray that wherever you land, you’re not there alone.

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