Pull Me Close by Sidney Halston

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This is one of those books that got me because of the cover! I received and ARC of this one but I wanted it read it waaaay before I got that! And this one was definitely something!

This book in one sentence: This one was Everything and more!

I cannot even begin to explain the love I have for this book! I remember when I found it I knew that this one had the potential to be something incredibly special to me, but I had no idea how special it would be. I love this book for so many reasons and I barely know where to start! Just:


Katherine is a woman who only finds comfort in the four walls she calls home. She barely leaves her home, not because she doesn’t want to, but because she finds it incredibly difficult to. She suffers with PTSD and the anxiety disorders that follow it and because of these, her life is very secluded. She musters up as much courage as possible to go to the night club Panic for her sister’s bachelorette party. There she has a panic attack that leads her to meet Nick, the owner of the club. Nick’s first impression of Katherine is that she’s just another drug addict in his club and he doesn’t even want to deal with her. Nick, along with his brother Matt, is trying to keep the club out of trouble so instead of calling someone for help, Matt talks Nick into taking Katherine home. When Katherine wakes up, she tries to explain to Nick that she’s not an addict and is going through other things, but Nick doesn’t want to listen to it. After he leaves he wants to be done with her because he doesn’t want another liar and addict in his life, but  he can’t get her out of his mind because he wonders if she’s telling the truth. This thought makes him go back to see her and the story unfolds after that.

Sidney Halston did an incredible job with Katherine! Katherine was incredibly authentic and an accurate portrayal of how these disorders may affect someone. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting myself into when I first started this one, but this book hit home so quick it was wild! I immediate fell in love with Katherine because she was so painstakingly real! What she was going through, and the reasons it came about, completely stole my heart! And with that said, I also LOVED Nick as well! At first he was incredibly judgmental of Katherine and I didn’t like him because of it. But as time went on, his eyes opened and his want to understand grew. He did his best to understand what was going on with her and that was the start of their relationship blossoming into something that would change them both.

Their relationship as well as the story was smooth and beautiful. You see these two  steadily grow and their relationship progress into something important to each other. My favorite part about their relationship is that Nick didn’t see her as a disorder, he saw her as a woman who was trying to deal with a difficult problem.

She’s Katherine, a beautiful, intelligent, self-assured woman who happens to have this terrible affliction. But I like Katherine. A lot. And it’s too late to walk away.

After he realized what she was going through, he did his best to help her and it was because he wanted to. It’s a beautiful thing for someone who is going through difficult circumstances to have someone on their side that will try to see from their perspective. Although it wasn’t easy and it was something he wasn’t prepared for, Nick went out of his way to try to help her live a better life the best way he could.

Reading this book, you get to see what day to day is like for someone who suffers with severe anxiety. You get to see how they manage to think themselves into the dark and how their life can be affected by it. Sidney Halston wrote this book in such an incredibly realistic way, it’s hard to even compare anything to it. This is one book that I would recommend everyone read because not only do you get an incredibly love story, you also get an incredibly story of a girl’s bravery to overcome her fears while standing alongside someone who really cares for her!

In short: Sidney Halston has written a story that brings light to PTSD and Anxiety disorders in a way that will steal your heart while enlightening your mind.

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