Rose Rengale – Sparkling Red – ★★★★★


I want to start off by saying I’m still fangirling over the fact that I’ve gotten an ARC of Little Heaven and it’s probably going to be a halloween read for me this year! (I want to add more to the list, but I’m going to play it by ear and see how this October goes.) The next thing i want to say is that this wine was almost comparable to my favorite!

I’m not sure if I’ve officially stated it or not, but the Cupcake Sparkling Red is my FAVE right now! I didn’t even like it at first but I’m going to be buying my third bottle soon! This one was right next to the Cupcake bottle at the store and my husband figured it must be good because it was 20 bucks!

I can’t help but compare this one to the Cupcake because they are SO similar! I tasted this one and fell in love because I’m in love with the cupcake! The more I drank this one, however, the more differences I was able to spot. While they are both sparkling and bubbly, this one is less so. I believe the word I used to Brandon was “thicker”, or rather more rich in a sense and he agreed with me. The Cupcake is lighter and this one is slightly the opposite, but not in a bad way!

I could see the Cupcake being too sparkling for some and I say that this one would be a great alternative! Very similar in taste, but not too bubbly! I’m obviously a fan of the sweet sparkling reds right now and these two are at the top of my list! This was Brandon’s first time picking out a wine and I’d say he did damn good!

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