Fiesta Winery – Texas Well Water Wine – ★★☆

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Browsing the wine selection at my grocery store, I started looking at the Fiesta wines and I couldn’t make up my mind on which one I wanted to try first! Their winery is 40 miles from where I live or so, which isn’t that far and I’m thinking I need to take a nice little trip out there one day! With that being said, this one wasn’t my favorite.

This wine is called well water wine and it tasted like well water wine. Haha, go figure! Literally tasted like water from a well followed by an aftertaste. I was feeling adventurous when I picked this one and I wasn’t all that surprised at what I got! I want to go to the winery to try out all the other ones, hopefully, because I’m always down to save a buck in the long run! I’ll still probably pick up another one before I head out there though, because I have no self control. This one was surely interesting, just not something I’d get again.

Belle Bollé – Moscato and Strawberry – ★★

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The Bella Bollé Bella Rosso was phenomenal and the site of this one made my mouth water! Have you ever tried the Seagram’s Escapes in Strawberry Daiquiri?? That is one of my favorites of all time! For some reason, I mean for many reasons, I hyped this up for myself and while I was expecting a nice, sweet moscato, I was left with a wine that was sweet for second and then followed by a not-so-pleasant aftertaste which was then followed by another not-so-pleasant aftertaste.

I filled up a glass and forced myself to drink it, hoping it would grow on me and my second glass was worse. As more time went on and the more I tried it, the more unpleasant it became and I don’t understand why! Looking at the bottle again now, it looks like it would be so yummy, but be aware, that it was something…else.

I gave it two stars because it wasn’t absolutely disgusting, but it also wasn’t good. I don’t know what happen, but I do know I will not be purchasing again.




Llano – Blush – ★

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So, this one is actually one of the first wines I’ve bought in a while that I didn’t like. I was actually very hopeful for this one but it turned out to be something that reminded me of White Zinfandel and for some reason I HATE White Zinfandel! It was just incredibly bitter and there were so many different tastes going on.

In between pouring it out, I kept taking sips because maybe it would grow on me. Every sip I took, I felt like it was getting worse and I couldn’t do it. It’s an incredibly cute wine, and maybe in the future I’ll try it again! But as for now, it’s a no go.

I love love love this picture I took though!

Stella Rosa – Stella Berry – ★★★★

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I tried this one after trying the Moscato by Stella Rosa. Stella Rosa’s Moscato is the one that I didn’t like, but this one for sure turned my hopes around! It was very sweet and had no aftertaste and was easily one of the first few wines that I actually liked!

This one was my favorite for a good while but my guess it that I drank a helluva lot of it and I just no longer want it as much anymore. The taste is very similar to the one I was recommended previously and it is very, very berry. This one is similar to the Pink, but the berry is very prominent.

I have a bottle in my fridge at this very moment, but I will most likely add fresh berries to it and serve it next time I have a get together. I think it’ll be good for a refreshing party drink.

Plus, Sugar Daddy is one of my faves of the year and I’m dying waiting for the second one!

Bella Bollé – Bella Rosso – ★★★★★+

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I picked this one up randomly just because I wanted another change up. I’m more of a white wine and I normally don’t go for reds! I feel like I got really, really lucky with picking this one up because whoa, this was an instant fave.

I use to be the person to store every wine in the fridge until one day I did some research and I learned about what wine goes where and how some are supposed to be drank. This is the first red wine I’ve tasted the way I’m supposed to drink it and I cannot explain how much I actually loved it.

While drinking it, I texted my husband and I told him I was drinking warm wine. I was making a joke, but the joke was on me because I was not disappointed! This is a sweet red and oh is it sweet and so refreshing and there was this satisfying aftertaste that made me crave more. I even had the husband try it and even though he didn’t want to admit it, he liked it too. He mentioned that it would taste better if it was cold but I don’t know if putting it in the fridge will change the taste or not.

As of now, I’m completely content with drinking this the way I am and I know that I will be purchasing another bottle before the month is up!

Stella Rosa – Stella Rosso – ★★★★

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I’m slowly but surely becoming more of a red wine fan. I mean most of the wines I like are sweet and fruity and I just keep going back for more of those! This was one of the first reds I had ever tried, and even though I put it in the fridge, I still very much liked it! I have another bottle of this staring me in the face and I will do a redo of this one fairly soon.

As for now, I like this wine, I’m just hoping the next time I taste it, I love it!

Verdi Spumante – Rasberry Sparkletini – ★★★★

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This one was recommended to me by a fellow wine lover on instagram! She said I’d love it and I absolutely did! It definitely reminded me of Stella Rosa Berry which was one of my old time faves!

This one is definitely fruity and was definitely up my alley. Super light and refreshing and there definitely wasn’t enough in the bottle. This is one of those wines that would be good for someone who wants to try a wine but wants to start with something sweet. I will be definitely be buying another bottle of this gold!

Stella Rossa – Stella Pink – ★★★★★+

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Okay, so this one is my favorite Stella Rosa. I’ve tried Stella Rosso, Black, Berry, Peach, and the Moscato D’asti. My first bottle had sat in my fridge for a while because I was afraid it wasn’t going to be good, but I was so angry when I opened it and tried it because I fell in love so quickly! Sella Pink is a semi-sweet and sparkling wine and is easily one of my favorites.

Berry was my favorite for a while and I would go to the neighbor city just to get it! I’m not sure what happen, but I can no longer drink it! Something about it was just super heavy and I just no longer have a taste for it. I’ve been drinking this one for a while and I’m still in love. The taste is light and refreshing and of course it’s pretty sweet.

I’ve had two bottles of this in the past and I’ve ended up sharing both bottles. When I open this one it’ll be all mine! I went to their site for the first time recently and I thought I tried them all, but there are most to taste which is exciting!

Vino Dei Fratelli – Moscato D’asti – ★★★★★+

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I mentioned a little bit ago that Bartenura was my go to wine and it’s been my baby for a while now. The last time I had it though, I don’t know what it was, but I just wasn’t feeling it. So there is one more lonely bottle in my fridge and I don’t know when I’ll touch it!

Meanwhile, I had seen this one for a good while before I finally picked it up. I first tried it around Christmas time and I really liked it! I started thinking about it and so I tried it again recently and I’m pretty freaking obsessed. It’s very, very crisp and refreshing and it’s becoming my “go to wine”. This one isn’t real fruity and doesn’t go to my head like some of the other wines I’ve tried. It’s a relaxer and that’s what I like about it!

I usually manage to finish a bottle once it’s opened because I afraid a wine will go flat. I can put this wine back in the fridge and have a second glass the next day or the day after and i feel like it tastes even better. (I’m hoping the next one I find is as good as this one! Hopefully better!)