Four Letter Word by J. Daniels

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I saw this one around Instagram so many times before I got it for review! I went into it blindly, and that seems to be my pattern as of lately! With that said, this was also my first J. Daniels books and boy oh boy have I ordered more of her books on Amazon!

This book in one sentence: This one was wild! (You’ll see how unoriginal that is when you pick up the book ;))

The description of this book doesn’t tell us much and there is a lot that happens in this one! The first thing I noticed was  the writing and I really enjoyed it! Once I started the book I had so many questions because J. Daniels made me develop this need to know! Everything was beautifully smooth and the writing, as well as the characters and storyline, made this one to remember!

The main characters in this one were Sydney and Brian and the way they met was incredibly interesting. My first impression of Sydney was that she was absolutely hilarious! She used some very colorful language when she thought she was telling off the guy who broke her best friends heart, but of course it happened to be the wrong number. She managed to call someone else and tell him off and the person on the other line happened to be Brian. I thought that she was funny but his responses to her remarks are what killed me!


I was 3% into the book and I was already dead! I figured I was in for a ride and boy was I right! There were other phenomenal characters throughout the book and I’m specifically talking about Tori and Jamie who actually get their own story in Hit The Spot! Having great characters made this story even better and boy was it!

These characters happen to embark on this interesting story with each other and it was fun to see how things played out! It was fun to watch how this friendship became more and how the fire between them developed! And speaking of, J. Daniels can sure write with fire! The chemistry between Sydney and Brian was complete fire and was incredible in all the right places!

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(Literally the best gif to describe it!)

I have other ebooks by J. Daniels sitting my library waiting for me to read them and best believe I will get to them sooner rather than later because I immensely enjoyed this one! It was fun to watch this one play out and I can’t wait to crack open the other ones! This is yet another story that I’ve read this month that I fell in love with and I’m more than glad I got to read it early! And for that, Thank you Forever Romance ❤️! This book was definitely worth the read!

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