Unteachable by Leah Raeder

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I got this one because Wendy Darling said it was good.
I had no idea that it could be that good.
Whoa, talk about a book.

This book in one sentence: I didn’t know I’d be into student/teacher relationships…but now I am.


Boy was this interesting. It hooked me from the beginning! Student/teacher relationships are always a bit of a stir, but this one didn’t even start that way and the best part, everything was completely legal-ish. But besides the technical shit, I didn’t think I would like the writing in the beginning but it turned out to be extremely lovely. Maise was so funny and sarcastic and confident and it was hard not to love her. I really liked Evan as well but Maise was incredible. The story progressed interestingly, started out with a band and ended with a bang.


Maise is a firecracker who, for me, was incredibly likeable. I mean along with the beautiful writing, she she was a strong willed girl who knew what she wanted, when she wanted it. She had to grow up fast and was no idiot. She has goals and dreams and she plans to make them all come true. Evan is a overall good guy who has a past. He’s not as forth coming as he could have been, but of course that helped make the story.

I loved their relationship! (Besides the whole lies thing. I get that he had a past, but instead of being a creepy bastard about it, why not just explain what happened to Maise and why it happened. Doing this could have avoided so much trouble but noooooo. For the most part, the relationship was very healthy, they weren’t forcing each other to do something or anything they didn’t want and they both worked on each others terms. Their conversations were fun and their relationship made me smile. Their relationship started out spicy and don’t very me started on the very hot sex scenes. Very well written and very well done!


I really liked this book! This was a book I wasn’t looking for but I’m glad I found. Maise and Evan’s relationship started with a bang and even with a few bumps in the road, things still seemed to be okay for everyone in the end. I thoroughly enjoyed this one!

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