Professed by Nicola Rendell

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I think it was so appropriate that I read this one given the fact that I finished it only days before the first week of school starting back up! I just didn’t know I’d like this one so much!

This book in one sentence: This book reminded me that the love I have for student/teacher romances hasn’t gone anywhere!

So I picked this one up because my bookish best friend said this was one that I would enjoy! She was actually  incredibly right because I completely enjoyed it!

In a nutshell, we have two main characters, Naomi and Ben, who cannot deny the immediate, intense attraction they feel towards each other once their eyes meet. At a secret masked ball at Yale, they spend the night together and then they spend the night together and both can’t seem to get enough of each other. After a nigh full of fun they do meet again, but when they do Naomi finds out Ben is a brand new member of the Yale faculty and Ben finds out Naomi is a student! And not only, Naomi also has to take a class of his! Even though risks are involved they can’t manage to stay away from each other and it’s safe to say that things get wild and interesting!

This is the first student/teacher romance that has really caught me since Unteachable! Both the story and the characters are both reasons I took to this book so well.  The backgrounds of both Naomi and Ben were interesting and their stories made them grow on me. I think the pace and progress of the story was great! There was instalust, not instalove, that gives you hearteyes and things only get better as time goes on! They did and said certain things because of who they were which brings me to the love for the characters!

Both Naomi and Ben were unique and real and I’m sure that’s a big part as to why I couldn’t get enough. They were both hilarious and had their own pasts that helped to create them. I think the only person I may love more than them would be Lucy and that’s because she is literally the best friend everyone wants! With that said, Ben is my favorite character. I loved everyone just about equally but Ben said something that I say in everyday life that isn’t something that is universally said.

Go for jog. Shower. Sit down with whiskey. Open books. Write notes. Open more books, write more notes. Close books because fuck that noise, and write new notes.

Oh you know

This was literally my face because whaaaaat! I’ve never seen that in a book! So even more kudos to you Nicola! (You’ve become bae!!) I love it!

This is Nicola Rendell’s debut novel and I more than enjoyed myself while reading it! She writes in a way that doesn’t let me get lost and she has her own style that was incredibly fun to read! I have this song feeling that she had a blast writing and in turn, I had just as much fun reading it! I look forward to reading more from her starting with Confessed!

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