Black Iris by Leah Raeder

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NA – ★★★★★- Goodreads – AmazonB&NiBooks

I’m pretty sure I didn’t read the description before I picked this one up. When I started it, for a while this book seemed like a jumbled up mess! And then everything became clear and boy did this one mess with me!

The book in one sentence: This, that, and a little bit of everything rolled up into a special kind of perfection. 

We’re all machines made of skin and bone, breathing and eating and fucking, shitting and bleeding and dying. Machines break everyday. There are billions more where they came from.

Now I can’t even begin to explain what happens in this book. There’s so much and I would have to explain a lot, but I can say that this is a mix suspense and mystery, incredibly beautiful writing insanely intense sex scenes.

The story is so interesting! There are jumps between time and slow but surely everything starts to make sense. Our protagonist Laney has been through a lot and has been called slut, queer, and psycho. Starting college is her blank slate and off the bat she makes friends that just about change everything. She meets Armin who is a good guy who is willing to be oh so patient and help her worth through her demons. She also meets Blythe who is a firecracker that changes everything. These three who have such an interesting relationship go through alot in this book that just isn’t long enough. One things for sure, right off the bat, Laney makes sure that we know she is not the heroine of this story.

While the story is important, the characters are even more important. And be careful reading this because there’s a lot left out of the description, tags, ect.

*While Laney is easily and immediately attracted to Armin who is a smart and sensible guy, she also finds herself attracted to Blythe who is wild and extremely exciting. When I was reading it, I had no idea that this book would fall in the lgbtq class, and I’m glad I didn’t know because everything was a pleasant surprise for me. Laney found herself becoming physical and engaging in relationships with both of them.

My hand found Armin’s and I pulled him close and tore my mouth from hers and kissed him. He was slower, stunned. Blythe kissed like she wanted to tear me apart and Armin kissed like he wanted to make me whole again.

The story is split up between the past and the present and in the past we get a look at how they got to where they are now and how their relationships formed. The scenes between all of them were all so intense and written so beautifully, I never wanted any of them to end. The part of the story that took place in the present is what brought me back to reality because I got lost in the past.

The way that Leah writes just takes your breath away and you just get completely lost in everything. There are soooooo many quotes that I highlighted in this book and I can’t even begin to put them all in this review.

Besides her beautiful writing, the story might not make sense until it makes sense but it is all worth it.

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