Wallbanger by Alice Clayton



 Adult – ★★★★ – Goodreads – AmazonB&NiBooks

This book was super cute
I’m not sure what I thought going in, the title and cover is a little deceiving but in all the right ways.
But overall, I did really like it!

This book in one sentence: Cover and title seem raunchy but the story is as cute as can be.


This book was not what I thought it was going to be and I’m not even mad about it. This story wasn’t about a boring or unhealthy relationship nor was it just full of sex. It was was about two fairly young adults taking their time with each other and It was refreshing. The main characters, Caroline and Simon didn’t like each other at first, but for the sake of the neighborhood decide to be nice and slowly grow on each other. The story was slow and normally I think I would have been annoyed, but this was done pretty well.


I want to talk about Caroline for a second because I really like her.

When I began to realize he was no longer what I wanted for my future, things got a little strained. We fought constantly, and when I decided to end the relationship, he tried to convince me I was making the wrong choice. I knew better, and he finally accepted that I was really done…“

really really like Caroline! She’s strong and thinks for her self and does what she thinks is best! Also, Caroline was confident and I love that! I’m so use to female protagonist being like “Oh, oh I’m not pretty, but I really am, my nick name is Mary Sue, boo hop fucking hoo!” This was nice and refreshing!!

I loved the relationship between Caroline and Simon. There was no rush. They were grown and just enjoying their friendship and themselves. They like each other from the get go but both were too stubborn to admit it or unwilling to act on it until much later on (kinda). They flirted and were genuine to each other the entire time! No secrets, no lies *but maybe a faked orgasm, maybe not and their relationship was something great! The sexual tension built until it just couldn’t and everything was pretty well done!


I really liked this book! Not a favorite, just because there was nothing that blew my mind, but still really good! I didn’t stop to take notes because I was more enveloped in the story than anything! The only thing that annoyed me was the way that Caroline talked, using the word “mister,” but that was just her and I accept it.

Is it worth a read?
Absolutely! Great story! Great relationship! Great book!


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