The Checkmate Duet by Kennedy Fox


This is War – New Adult – ★★★★ – Goodreads  – AmazoniBooksB&N

I saw this book around a lot before I got it . Travis king sounded completely arrogant, cocky, and like a complete asshole. Travis King also sound like someone I wanted to meet because I have an addiction to these types of characters!

This book in one sentence: The best love/hate relationship in a book that I’ve seen in a while! Continue reading

Hit The Spot by J. Daniels

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Adult – ★★★★ – Goodreads – Amazon – iBooks – B&N

I didn’t know what I was getting into when I started Four Letter Word but it was safe to say I enjoyed it! I was excited when I heard there was going to be a second one and I was even more excited when I found out it was going to be about Tori and swoon worthy Jamie! I’m still more than stoked that I got a chance to read this one early because it was definitely fun!

This book in one sentence: A push and pull love game that was fun and a perfect follow up!

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Down Shift by K. Bromberg


Adult – ★★★★ – GoodreadsAmazoniBooksB&N

I hadn’t read anything by K. Bromberg before this but I still got lucky with getting my hands on this one! After reading this, I promptly went and bought three more books from Bromberg (knowing very well that my TBR is already 7 miles) because I couldn’t stop myself!

This book in one sentence: A story of two broken hearts that fit together perfectly that I’d read again any day! Continue reading

Loving You Easy by Roni Loren

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Adult  – ★★★★ -Release Date: September 6th – Goodreads – AmazoniBooksB&N

I requested this one on a whim and somehow got lucky enough to receive it! The description and cover is what caught my eye and it seemed interesting from the jump. I had not heard of Roni Loren before this one and it’s safe to say that I WILL be picking up more from her! this one surprised me in some good ways and it was incredibly fun to read.

This book in one sentence: This book was a smooth ride with angst and sexy in all the right places, and was something perfect all in its own. Continue reading

Stella Rosa – Stella Berry – ★★★★

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I tried this one after trying the Moscato by Stella Rosa. Stella Rosa’s Moscato is the one that I didn’t like, but this one for sure turned my hopes around! It was very sweet and had no aftertaste and was easily one of the first few wines that I actually liked!

This one was my favorite for a good while but my guess it that I drank a helluva lot of it and I just no longer want it as much anymore. The taste is very similar to the one I was recommended previously and it is very, very berry. This one is similar to the Pink, but the berry is very prominent.

I have a bottle in my fridge at this very moment, but I will most likely add fresh berries to it and serve it next time I have a get together. I think it’ll be good for a refreshing party drink.

Plus, Sugar Daddy is one of my faves of the year and I’m dying waiting for the second one!

Stella Rosa – Stella Rosso – ★★★★

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I’m slowly but surely becoming more of a red wine fan. I mean most of the wines I like are sweet and fruity and I just keep going back for more of those! This was one of the first reds I had ever tried, and even though I put it in the fridge, I still very much liked it! I have another bottle of this staring me in the face and I will do a redo of this one fairly soon.

As for now, I like this wine, I’m just hoping the next time I taste it, I love it!

Verdi Spumante – Rasberry Sparkletini – ★★★★

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This one was recommended to me by a fellow wine lover on instagram! She said I’d love it and I absolutely did! It definitely reminded me of Stella Rosa Berry which was one of my old time faves!

This one is definitely fruity and was definitely up my alley. Super light and refreshing and there definitely wasn’t enough in the bottle. This is one of those wines that would be good for someone who wants to try a wine but wants to start with something sweet. I will be definitely be buying another bottle of this gold!

November 9 by Colleen Hoover

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NA – ★★★★ – Goodreads – Amazon B&NiBooks

So this is the only book that I’ve read by Colleen Hoover besides Ugly Love. I liked Ugly Love but the more I thought about it, the more I fell in love with it. The same thing is happening with this book. But this one made me scream a little more.

This book in one sentence: This book has a unique concept, cute couple, a shocking twist and an….interesting ending. 

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