Illicit by Opal Carew

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It’s laughable how unprepared I was for this book.

Me throughout the book:


This book in one sentence: Well this was…sexy, but of course this statement is laced with sarcasm.

Okay, so let me start off by saying that my goal of this blog is to literally keep everything as positive as possible! I’m trying not to talk about any books that I didn’t love or even like. This book is a mystery to me and I don’t know whether or not I liked it. I’m genuinely confused. I’m confused because some parts of this I actually really liked, and other parts genuinely, honestly made me go:



So in a nutshell, our main girl Lindsay receives an invitation to live out her most illicit fantasies for a weekend. MIND YOU the description HERE, says nothing really about what the book was about. The descriptions says that a mysterious man, Erik, who is a man of many secrets and has no intention of changing invites Lindsay for the weekend, but their first encounter is more than he anticipated. The description, however, does not say that she would be she would be invited to a weekend getaway with a mysterious man named Erik along with two other men.

So while Hotline Bling is playing, let me tear into this one and explain what I liked and what I didn’t.

So not only was this book a MFM, or rather a MFMM book, this was also a MM book. While I was surprised for sure, none of those things are what bothered me. I knew I was getting myself into at least a MFM book, but I wasn’t prepared for everything. (Anything more than MFM just sounds like a lot of work and I laugh every time I say this.)

Anyway, this wasn’t just three guys inviting a woman for the weekend to have fun with her, they were all in a relationship with each other as well. They didn’t really know how to define it and the relationship they had didn’t really have a label and that’s super cool. No shade towards that what’s so ever! And let me not forget to mention that there were some scenes that were fire! (I think, even though I feel like a good amount of the chemistry was force rather than natural.)

The problems I had were more on the realistic side of things, or non-realistic anyway.

  • Erik mentioned that the first time he saw her it looked like she has low self-esteem and that turned him on. (Erik really though the entire book was a cocky, arrogant man who had a lot of misogynistic thoughts and just really wasn’t likeable in my opinion. I think the only thing he really had going for him was his “super nice body”.)


  • Lindsay was sketch about having sex with three strangers, which she should have been, but in the next breath was eager to jump in bed with one of the strangers (I don’t even think she knew his last name!).


  • After Lindsay had already had sex with these men, meaning after she gave and received full blown oral and condomed intercourse, she then asked about them being tested. I mean if they had any STDs they would already be in your mouth! (Sorry, but I can’t not mention! Safe sex is good sex!).


  • In the middle of the weekend Randomly Lindsay has a breakdown about her recent ex boyfriend cheating on her with two women because he thought she was “boring”. This was so random and came from left field and way after these orgies had ensued. Like who even, why did you bring him up??

  • And my favorite…there are supernatural abilities involved.

  • This point extends on the previous one. Not only did one person have supernatural abilities, but two did. What were the odds? And again, entirely random. Like why?

My problem is just that I don’t know if I was supposed to take this seriously, especially after the supernatural abilities were brought up. Like this book slightly had me, until the abilities and then every tie was cut. After a while, I was skimming through the book just to see how it would end even though I already knew how it would.

Ultimately, I don’t know if I liked it. I don’t think I did though. It’s not something that I’d ever recommend but it was definitely interesting to read and I wrote this entire review while laughing. I just think I wasn’t ready hahahahahah I’m so done. I’m being gracious with two stars because I didn’t hate it. And my “This book in one sentence” is what it is becuase the word sexy was used so many times I never want to read it or hear it again.

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