Four Week Fiancé by Helen Cooper

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Very short review because not much time needs to be invested!

This book in one sentence: Something that started out promising, just didn’t live up. At all.

Okay first things first. Can we talk about the prequel not even being a real prequel. My Fake Fiance was literally the first 30% of this book! I was not reading that all over again so I started this book 30% in.

Second, the main character, Mila, was so annoying and so immature I wanted to claw my eyes out. I can’t stand anyone who sticks their tongue out at anyone and seriously means it as some sort of insult. In the “prequel” she was annoying, but I hoped, for some reason, that she would get better and I would like this!

I was wrong.

Three, TJ, Mila’s love interest was actually creepy. He claimed he liked Mila and thought she was cute and such, but he also watched her grow up, which is weird. He’s a master manipulator though, he knows she has a crush on him and she will do what he asks, so he completely takes advantage of the situation.

He’s ultimately a douchebag and I dont have the patience for it. But what bothered me most was And even worse, and probably the worst part is, he fingers her in dirty lake water and I’m pretty sure I was gagging. 

Anyway, there was no depth to this novel and I probably won’t waste my time on the second one. Got my hopes up and was let down. There story wasn’t there, the character’s definitely weren’t there, just not worth any time.

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