Confessed by Nicola Rendell

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New Adult – ★★★★ – GoodreadsAmazon

I received an arc of this lovely and I couldn’t have been more thrilled when I got it! I read Professed and loved it so much and I knew this one would be just as good! Was I right with that assumption? Absolutely!

This book in one sentence: Well I’ll be, motherbitch is a new and glorious thing.

In a nutshell, Lucy Burchett, who is the heiress to a notoriously disastrous family, meets Vince during a collision of fate…or at least after a collision of their cars. Both Lucy and Vince are on the run; She is running from home and he is running from the law. After Lucy runs Vince off the road, they find themselves having to ride together as they figure out the next steps. Vince has a hot temper and a body to match and it doesn’t take long for Lucy to notice. It takes about the same amount of time for Vince to notice her as well and the attraction between them becomes undeniable. That night turns out to be a sex-filled rendezvous and even though they both have plans they want to carry out, they can’t seem to stop thinking about each other. Things happen and s**t gets real and it’s safe to say there were a helluva lot of surprises for them. Although they would have liked to live in their own world, the real world always has a way of catching up.

So once again, Nicola has created a story that you can lose yourself in. Confessed, like Professed, is written in witty and fun way and keeps a strong hold of you from beginning to end. I immediately became smitten with the characters and I immediately developed this need to know what happened next between them. This is like my eighth fun ride in a row and I’m glad I got to read this lovely!

When it comes to the story, I had a crazy fun time reading it. the characters are the cause of that because it didn’t matter who’s POV I was reading fun, I was always having a good time! I especially loved Lucy because she absolutely killed me!

“My parents live in Dallas,” I say. “I just graduated from UT.” Whoa! Who knew I’f turn myself into a Texan! Not Bad!

I lived for Lucy’s jokes and her humor and I could read about about her just living day to day and completely content about it! We got a little bit of her in Professed but she truly deserved a novel of her own and I’m glad we got it!

This one is different from Professed in the way the that it’s TONS FILTHIER! TONS! I spent most of the time reading this like:

Fan christina

I think that for a second book, this was awesome! I can still tell that Nicola is having a blast writing because I’m obviously having a blast reading! I can’t wait for her third book and to see what she has in store for us next!


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