It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

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I had recently went on a Coho binge and I read November 9 and Confess back to back. Besides those two, I’ve also read Ugly Love. This book. THIS book was easily my favorite by her tied with Confess.

This book in one sentence: This was perfection and one for the records!

This book is not one that I will go into detail on, just because I don’t think I should or need to. But I do want to talk about this book and how I experienced it.

The description of this book tell you nothing. It seems cute and fluff and seems like it will be an adorable romance read. This book though, is nothing of the such! There are so many people who haven’t read this book that still need to read this book so I’m gonna keep this short!

I started reading and this story and like Colleen’s other stories, this started out giving me butterflies! I thought it was awesome that her characters seemed a little older and they seemed to be headed in the right direction! I fell in love with the progress of the present story, and I became a bit…weary of the past tense story.* As the story progressed, there was a point where everything shifted and changed and everything was different. After that, I knew this one was going to be something to remember.

This book took me to a places that I wasn’t ready to go to! And I don’t mean that in a bad way! I planned on getting my review for this one done way sooner, but I am still having trouble with getting my thoughts out because there’s so many!

I cannot personally relate to the events that happened in this book, but this book hit me so hard and wouldn’t let me get up. I’ve done countless papers and many have revolved around this subject and the statistics that I continue to find are more than devastating. There were times when I had to go back and reread entire pages because I was in denial about what I read. There were so many things that I wasn’t expecting and so many things that shocked the hell out of me.

The characters were incredible and Lily is one of the strongest characters I’ve ever met! She was one of my favorite character’s that Colleen has created and you see her having to adapt throughout the book.

Although this is a work of fiction, she based it on truth and the issues in this book happen all too often and it’s something that needs a remedy in time. Through this work, Colleen was able to paint a picture that not many people are able to see. I’m glad that she was the one to publish this book that could reach so many people and because of that, I have a new love for her!

I was thoroughly surprised by this novel and I’m entirely grateful and thankful that Colleen has written this because it needed to be written! If you haven’t read this one, you need to read it!

*by weary I mean worried and if you’ve read it, or when you read it, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Angst.

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