Fiesta Winery – Texas Well Water Wine – ★★☆

fiesta and arsen.jpg

Browsing the wine selection at my grocery store, I started looking at the Fiesta wines and I couldn’t make up my mind on which one I wanted to try first! Their winery is 40 miles from where I live or so, which isn’t that far and I’m thinking I need to take a nice little trip out there one day! With that being said, this one wasn’t my favorite.

This wine is called well water wine and it tasted like well water wine. Haha, go figure! Literally tasted like water from a well followed by an aftertaste. I was feeling adventurous when I picked this one and I wasn’t all that surprised at what I got! I want to go to the winery to try out all the other ones, hopefully, because I’m always down to save a buck in the long run! I’ll still probably pick up another one before I head out there though, because I have no self control. This one was surely interesting, just not something I’d get again.

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