The Boss by Abigail Barnette

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I was told by two people I trust to read this book and that was enough for me.
This book in one sentence: Well…this puts fifty shades to shame quite easily.

I’m going to do my best to review this and I can say that all my notes while reading this say “Wow” “Good” “Great” “Perf” or “Lmfao.” Beware, there might be somethings which you may consider a spoiler, maybe not, but there’s a lot of text I include so watch out! And buckle in for a long review!


Sophie Now whoa. It’s very seldom that I meet a character that says the same things I do, the way I say them. Sophie is in the running for my favorite character of all time. She was sarcastic, hilarious, and relatable. She wasn’t scared of her sexuality and was open minded and willing to explore. I hones’t didn’t think I would like her at first because she kept bringing up the damn plane ticket, but after that was out of the way, it was hard not to like her. She spoke when she felt she needed to and did what she deemed best for herself and that I really admire because there are many female characters who hellbent on trying to worry about everyone else, instead of doing what’s best for themselves. She’s understanding and sympathetic but won’t be taken advantage of. But more importantly some of the things that Sophie says absolutely kills me!

Do you know what Maybachs really need? Ejector seats. Even if the only option for escape is to be flung into traffic. 


That’s going to hurt like a motherfucker.


Wow. (Some people might have a problem with the fact that he’s about 50, but this affects me in no way…so no problem over here.) He is one of the most incredible male characters I’ve ever come into contact with. He’s incredibly understanding and patient, and like Sophie, he knows what he wants and he makes sure he says it. And I hate to keep bring up fifty shades, but damn. Neil is a great example of what a Dom should be!

“I prefer my partners to be as informed as possible.”

He gave her books about bdsm and wanted her to know about it instead of just shoving her into it uninformed. Once he did that, he had my vote. And also, he concerned about what’s going on in Sophie’s head and how she’s reacting to the sexual acts and the relationship in general

“I’m the one who should be ashamed. It was irresponsible and selfish of me to take things too far, before you were ready.”

“If at any time you find the arrangement isn’t working, I want you to be comfortable telling me, whether you want to remove just the submission element or get out entirely. I’m not going to do anything vindictive or extreme about it.”

“As casual as we may be about it, this is still a relationship. I don’t ever want you to feel used or objectified. I do care about you and your feelings, Sophie.” 

He encourages her to talk and express her feelings and thoughts. He doesn’t shut her down or want her to feel shut down. He wants her to be comfortable and that made me so comfortable while reading this book! But as I always say Communication = Great relationship


I could spend much more time talking about how great of a character Neil is, but there’s also a lot to talk about when it comes to the story. I really reallyreally liked how this story went! To me, it seemed as if things weren’t extreme when it came to the sex, or were they? (I don’t even know) But I liked how she wasn’t forced into chains and whips, and it started with just her listening to directions and “Yes sir” and “no sir” and they took it slow. And I also love how boundaries were set at all times and safe words were constantly enforced!

“But I will always be sure the safe words and signals are clear before we begin. That’s not just for you, it’s for me as well.”

I also like how the relationship went slow. It wasn’t an “Omg, I love you!” right after the second “session.” It was a slow progression and when Sophie started feeling like she was falling for him, she wasn’t going to let that get in the way and cause her to run, she was going to roll with it and completely enjoy herself.

Other Technicalities

Some things in this book just stuck out as being so very real to me. For one the test messages between Sophie and Holli.

Sophie texted: Seeing Neil after work. Will be late. Don’t worry.

Holli texted back: Awwwwww yeah. Get you some!

Like what!! That’s how I talk to some of my friends! And I’m always saying awwwwww yeeea! Lol

There’s actually a point in the book where, I think, Sophie kinda explains a “feeling” maybe, of bdsm and why she liked it and I definitely think it should be noted! But Idk if this is a spoiler? Lol

(Careful, possible spoiler) What was it about this that got me so hot? The waiting, I supposed, and the endorphin rush that followed in the wake of the pain. But more than any of that, I realized, it was the trust. The sense of doing something dangerous, but not action being in any danger, because I knew Neil would never hurt me. I could enjoy a hard spanking and a punishing fuck because I knew that while he could make me feel so many things- lust, pleasure, anticipation, pain – he would never actually make me feel afraid. I didn’t fear him, and I didn’t have to fear making him disapprove of me. Everything we did together was for out mutual pleasure. What, exactly, he got out of it, I had no clue.

She didn’t know, but he actually says what it does to him later. (he also explain submission a little more, but that’s too much to type)

“Your trust in me, your ability to surrender totally and give yourself to me freely. That’s the pay off for me, Sophie. It’s an aphrodisiac.”


I honestly think this story was great! I didn’t even mention that the sex scenes were written so incredibly well also!! But hot damn were they!! And the story was great as well but the relationship was phenomenal and that’s what completely got me on this book! My biggest thing is that the relationship was healthy and there was communication and there weren’t moments where I found myself cringing! Literally a five star book I can’t even deal.

Is it worth a read?

If this is your cup of tea, and you don’t mind an age gap (or just ignore it) then hell yea!! This is one of the best I’ve read!!

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