Hunger By Arabella Abbing

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New Adult – ★★☆ – Goodreads – AmazonBarnes & Noble

The description of this book sounded so…promising. I’m not a big fan of step-anything romance, but hey, I was willing to give this a shot! I’m not entirely sure what happened though.

This book in one sentence: This book was like ordering too many tacos, the first few are delicious and then the rest are hard to eat. 

So I will take the blame for this one. The let down I felt about this one was my own damn fault. I read the description and I hyped this up for myself. I really thought I have found a good one too!


At first, I loved our main character, Jenna, and I thought she was a real, funny, down to earth character. Her best friend, Daniel,  popped up throughout this novel and the conversations they had made me seriously laugh. She meets her “step brother”, Luke, for the first time and he is sarcastic, has tons of tattoos, and has a no care attitude. He is also a recovering sex addict. In a nutshell, Jenna and Daniel devise a plan to “awaken” his hunger and things get interesting. This book was a quick fun read and a part of me really enjoyed this one. There is another part of me, however, that feels a different way.

And I’m going to cut to the chase. Don’t read what comes next if you possibly plan on reading this and you don’t want to know what happens, but if you don’t care if my comments may contain ‘spoilers’, then read away.

My first problem is the blatant disregard for the addiction Luke was trying to overcome. I mean, I’m sure it takes a lot for someone to go to rehab for something they may or may not consider a problem, and the whole time, Jenna doesn’t care and makes a game of it. With the help of Daniel, she pretty much flaunts herself in front of Luke, teasing him in a sense, and trying to get him to give in to his addiction. It was like she was dangling a glass of alcohol in front of a recovering alcoholic without a care in the world. Eh, its just shantzy man. But hey, it all worked out for the best for them, so hey!

My second problem is that after a few sex sessions, Luke became instantaneously obsessive and possessive over Jenna. In a way, I’m all for the crazies, but he was not a fun crazy.

“My girl finally got laid!” [Daniel] said loudly as he got out of the car.

“Shut up,” I hissed. “And my god, don’t call me that around Luke. He might punch you.”


Your new boo might punch your best friend for saying “My girl”? Daniel even said something about him being possessive so quickly and the best part is that throughout the book Jenna like recognized the ridiculousness of the “relationship” she was in but still went with it. Bless.

I mean, overall this is one of those books that are easy and quick to read and the story just kinda goes over the top. I will admit that most of the scenes in this book were fire and there were many aspects that I really liked! There were just a few things that were;t necessarily the greatest, but besides that, this one was interesting!


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