As of Lately

It’s been a great few busy days for me and I feel so sad that I haven’t had time to take a break and just drink a glass of wine (or really any alcohol, I could do a margarita). Everyday lately I’ve had a list that’s need following through and the free time that I do have is taken up by driving or other things I can’t remember.

Anyway, I’ve picked up Easy Virtue and every time I pick it up, I find it hard to put back down! The main character is what’s keeping me coming back for more and I find her so interesting with her ‘don’t give a f*ck, but still kinda care’ attitude. I’m very, very interested to see where this story goes and did I mention that the smut is already fire? ‘Cause it is.

Besides this shenanigans, (and besides this post also being made to help me finish editing this blog,) I’m finding myself eager to get to my next reads, but not taking my time and sitting down to read the one I’m on. I’m so ready to read read read to add more content to every social media I have, I’m not just enjoying my time. So I’m declaring, that stops now. I’m just going to breath, finish fixing this up, enjoy the book I’m reading, have several glasses of wine, mow some grass probably, and just enjoy the sunlight.



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