Belle Bollé – Moscato and Strawberry – ★★

Gin6E + wine.jpg

The Bella Bollé Bella Rosso was phenomenal and the site of this one made my mouth water! Have you ever tried the Seagram’s Escapes in Strawberry Daiquiri?? That is one of my favorites of all time! For some reason, I mean for many reasons, I hyped this up for myself and while I was expecting a nice, sweet moscato, I was left with a wine that was sweet for second and then followed by a not-so-pleasant aftertaste which was then followed by another not-so-pleasant aftertaste.

I filled up a glass and forced myself to drink it, hoping it would grow on me and my second glass was worse. As more time went on and the more I tried it, the more unpleasant it became and I don’t understand why! Looking at the bottle again now, it looks like it would be so yummy, but be aware, that it was something…else.

I gave it two stars because it wasn’t absolutely disgusting, but it also wasn’t good. I don’t know what happen, but I do know I will not be purchasing again.




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