Pain Lived, Love Found by Thalia Lake

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Ugh. I really, really wanted to like this one!
A bwwm romance? Heck yeah! And I did like this one…to about 50% and then it was all downhill from there.

This book in one sentence: Half gold, have gold painted plastic.


So this book started with some pretty heavy topics. We meet our main character, Sloane, and for a good few chapters we get a look at family history and past and how things played out. We get a look at how hard her childhood was. Her past has permanently altered Sloane’s mindset and she is a pretty headstrong, smart woman who is very likable.

Very quickly, we get to me Sloane’s romantic interest, Luca, and he is immediately attracted to and smitten with her. There is a chase that goes on between them that of course is accompanied by miscommunication and undeniable attraction. Eventually they get themselves together and can no longer sty away from each other. When it comes to the relationship that formed between them, because of her past, Sloane was very hesitant and definitely had her walls up. She did not want to turn out like her mother, who never left her father no matter what he did. She was almost afraid to give Luca a chance because even the possibility of being like her mother scared her.

“She was willing to put up with his verbal abuse and cheating…it’s not love, it’s a toxic dependency, and emotional obsession with her abuser, and it’s not healthy.”

Over a fairly short time however, her walls come down for him and Luca became that guy who wanted to protect, protect, protect her. Up until this point, I had been completely enjoying this book. And then I don’t know what happen.

I totally get that people can fall in love fast, but I mean damn, this was quick. Throughout the book the Povs switched and we got a look at what both of them were thinking. Luca went from a guy who could ‘have any woman he wanted’ to not being able to breathe without Sloane.

“I want Sloane more than I want anything else in the world. She transfixes me. She has a spell on me that I can’t break, nor do I want to.”

That’s cool, whatever, but within like 5 or 6 months, this dude (And stop reading now if you don’t want to read a spoiler because I’m no longer blocking it) freaking proposes to her! What?


I mean he had a ring for her and everything like, how did he…how did you even know her ring size? I thought he was kidding at first but he definitely wasn’t. He proposed about halfway through the book and they hadn’t even met each other’s family yet! I can’t, I mean my mom would have punched me in the face if I did something like that to her.

Anyway, as for the rest of the book, Sloane had to tell her family and have Luca meet them and Luca had to tell his family and have Sloane meet them. She found the dress, the rehearsal dinner went good, they got married and had babies. But image that, but 100 pages worth. I was so bored I wanted to claw my eyes out. I don’t know what I was expecting from this novel but this wasn’t it.

This book got two stars from me because while I did like it in the beginning, the end failed for me.

Is it worth a read?
Nah I wouldn’t waste the time.

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