Vino Dei Fratelli – Moscato D’asti – ★★★★★+

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I mentioned a little bit ago that Bartenura was my go to wine and it’s been my baby for a while now. The last time I had it though, I don’t know what it was, but I just wasn’t feeling it. So there is one more lonely bottle in my fridge and I don’t know when I’ll touch it!

Meanwhile, I had seen this one for a good while before I finally picked it up. I first tried it around Christmas time and I really liked it! I started thinking about it and so I tried it again recently and I’m pretty freaking obsessed. It’s very, very crisp and refreshing and it’s becoming my “go to wine”. This one isn’t real fruity and doesn’t go to my head like some of the other wines I’ve tried. It’s a relaxer and that’s what I like about it!

I usually manage to finish a bottle once it’s opened because I afraid a wine will go flat. I can put this wine back in the fridge and have a second glass the next day or the day after and i feel like it tastes even better. (I’m hoping the next one I find is as good as this one! Hopefully better!)

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