The Opportunist by Tarry Fisher

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NA – ★★★★★- Goodreads – Amazon

I’ve mentioned this book a lot in the past and I never did a proper review on it until way after because it still makes me cry to think of it. Again, thank you Feb for this <3.

This book in one sentence: He loves her, she loves him, but nothing is ever that simple. (Guard your heart!)

This book started off in an interesting way. I wasn’t necessarily feeling the beginning and I’m pretty sure I almost put it down because it was going too slow for me. I’m glad I stuck with it though.

The story takes place in the present but continuously dips into the past and you see where the characters are now and you also see how they got there. Our protagonist, Olivia finds out that her ex-boyfriend was in an accident and has lost his memory. She decides that this is her opportunity to get him back and she will stop at nothing.

Olivia is funny, sarcastic, and just one of those people who’s an asshole. Olivia is a very complicated character because although she’s our protagonist, she’s also a villain and never has a problem lying or manipulating people or situations. She’s not one of those people you immediately root for and she might not even be one of those people that you like! For me, I was so intrigued by her! I was cursing her while rooting for her at the same time.

Caleb is an all star character, a great guy with positive vibes. He has his flaws too but at the same time he is someone you’d root for. And of course this heartthrob goes after Olivia. The moment that distinguished this book from other NA books is the way Caleb asked her out and how she responded. (Bit of a spoiler) = during a high stakes basketball game he was playing, he calls a timeout after finding her in the stands and goes to her. It goes a little something like this:

Caleb: If I make this shot, will you go out with me?

Olivia: No I won’t go out with you.

Caleb: Then what will it take?

Olivia: Miss the shot and I’ll go out with you

And he misses that shot for her. He misses the damn shot and you better believe that everyone was pissed. In this moment did I not only start rooting for Olivia, but I also started rooting for them both.

That’s the only part I really want to go in detail about because this is one of those novels that I want everyone to read for themselves. You see how Olivia changes over the years throughout the book and you see how Caleb changes and also how they both change each other. You also see how each character has their flaws and how sometimes it hinders them but also sometimes their flaws help them. There are so many characters worth rooting for and many different acts of love, betrayal, and so much more.


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