September Giveaway!

Some of you are aware of what’s happening at the end of the month and some may not be aware but from here on out, there will be monthly giveaways!!


The page detailing that is here! This is September’s giveaway and as mentioned the prize is a $25 amazon gift card, and as stated in the Facebook game back a while ago, it is for those following this blog and on another social media site (such being my Facebook Page, Tumblr, or Instagram)! But wait! There’s more!

I’d also like to gift an ebook of my favorite book this month to another book lover following this blog!! I’m not entirely sure which book that will be because this month definitely isn’t over yet but I will be sure to make it known! (And of course if the book isn’t something the winner would be interested in, no worries! I’d love to gift something the winner would be interested in! It’s all about expanding our libraries! :D)!

I also want to thank you all for hanging around to find some good books and wine with me! I stated this on my tumblr, but haven’t mentioned it here yet, but I want this project to be more that me just going on about books and wine! I mean I love doing that and that’s obviously my intention because I live to read and drink! But also want to make this more of an “everyone involved” thing! I want to meet and talk with everyone about anything and everything! I want to share good stuff but I also want the good stuff shared with me! No being stingy! So by all means, let’s have fun!

Kia 💜



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