Revelry by Kandi Steiner


★★★★★/A+ – Goodreads – Amazon – B&N

Adult Contemporary Romance

I was stalking this book the moment I saw Kandi was writing it! I didn’t know what it was going to be about and I didn’t care, I knew I was going to read it! Was it as amazing as I thought it was going to be? No. It was better!!!

This book in one sentence: This book stole my heart so hard, it would have been easier to just punch me. 

Let’s talk about this little book that I love TOO much.
But first, a little catching up.
Things have been sooooo busy with me lately! Too busy to even function properly. And I knew I was going to be this busy and yet I still signed up to receive an arc of Revelry.

When I read ALLTW I wasn’t ready for it to completely steal my heart, but it did! And it still does! That easily became one of my favorite books and I vowed to read anything that the lovely Kandi wrote! The thing about Revelry is that is stole my heart just the same!

The thing about Kandi is that she tells a story that completely sucks you in. When you read a book by her, time doesn’t exist and you will love every minute of it. Reading this one is no different and the moment I started it, I knew I was in trouble, but in the best way possible! Her writing is AMAZING and when you read a book by her, you in that book!! The writing sucks you in, but the story keeps you hooked! (Actually, that can be said the other way around too!)

“For the first time in my life, I was owed nothing, and I owed nothing.”

I was caught up in this book from the jump! In between living, I picked this up and would read a little. And every time I would pick it up, I would become lost again. Wren and Anderson have easily made my favorites list! Wren is a freshly divorced, twenty-seven year old who is trying to find herself again. There were so many times that I could relate to her character, it was almost unreal! Anderson, however, is fine being lost. He has his own past and demons, and wears them on his shoulders (But oh lord, he’s everything!). Watching their story unfold was amazing and I can’t count how many times I lost my own damn self in the process!! Their relationship was phenomenal and unfolded perfectly in my eyes. I adored these characters and this entire story and I’m already itching to reread it again!!

In the end, this book made me smile, made me want to cry, made me live, made me love! This book was an amazing ride and one that I’m glad I took. ALLTW may be my favorite, but this one is waaaaay to close in my favorites list!

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