Cupcake – Sparkling Red – ★★★★★+

hard rules + wine.jpg

Remember how I said I was making it my goal to find a cupcake wine that I liked? Well I found it and oh my my so much more!! Gah! This wine is probably my favorite as of now and I don’t even know how it happened!!

The first glass I got I wasn’t entirely a fan, I don’t know what it was but it just seemed supper bubbly and it was just…bleh. A few days later, I grabbed the bottle again and saw that it was still super fizzy and bubbly and I gave it another shot! Boy, I couldn’t get enough and I still want some even though the bottle is gone! It’s a perfect smooth taste and it isn’t too sweet and it isn’t too dry either. I feel like if I were to slap some raspberries in a glass with it life would be perfect!

I think this red even tops the Belle Bollé! Or at least they are on the same level because I really enjoyed it! Will be buying again!

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