August 20th (or so) Plans

Do you ever wake up and just have a feeling that the day is going to be busy? And then you kind of just want to go back to sleep but can’t because there’s so much to do? Yeah, that’s my kinda day today.

Wow okay office

There’s a ton of catching up I need to do and that includes five reviews or more of books and wine. I’ve just taken the week to sort of relax and just read and enjoy the time I have left before Monday, which will be the first day of classes for me. I know timing is about to change like crazy, but I’m excited for it.

In other news, which is not exactly pertinent to this blog, but still kind of is, I’ve decided to document the next three years of my life. I’ve been talking about starting a vlog for some years now, which is ridiculous(!), but I think I have a super motive now. I’ve mentioned this in the ‘about me’ section, but I’m starting my graduate program in counseling and I know that I will 100% find out more about myself and probably change a lot during the process. I want to keep video records of how things change and what I learn so I can look back on it later as well as let others who want to join a similar program know what it’s like!

The whole point of the last paragraph is that while I want to document my life, I also want to vlog about the books that I think are sensational. I’m going to do written posts still, of course, for most books, but if I feel that a book changed my life, I want to actually talk about it. So that’s what I plan on doing! I also plan on doing a lot of other vlogging type of things that will annoy my husband and help my best fiend master a winged eyeliner so this project should be super fun!

Besides that tidbit, on to plans for the day:

  • Easy Virtue by Mia Asher Review
  • The Girl in 6E by Alessandra Torre Review
  • It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover Review
  • Bella Bollé Straberry + Moscato Review
  • Professed by Nicola Rendell Review
  • Planned Reads
  • Possible giveaway deets


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